10 Reasons Why I Tried Mindfulness

As many of you know mindfulness may benefit anyone that adds it to their life. There are a number of different reasons to at least try it out and here are the ten reasons why I gave it a shot.

1. Make the most of this human existence

“Do not waste the favorable conditions and freedoms that you have been granted; do not let your life be spent in vain!” – Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche

2. To stop worrying so much!


Worrying does not lead to anything positive. Mindfulness stops worrying at the root and directs our attention back to the present moment.

3. Live in the moment

We have all experienced living in the moment. Unfortunately for most of us these points in time are brief and sporadic. Mindfulness can bring us into the moment and help us stay there.

4. Slows down life 


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You know that feeling when something happens and life feels as if it’s going in slow motion? Well mindfulness won’t do exactly that but it will help slow down life enough for it to be more manageable and enjoyable.

5. Exercise for the mind

Similar to how physical exercise has a number of positive effects, mindfulness has a variety of mental and physical benefits too. In short, mindfulness is comparable to lifting weights for the mind.

6. Understand life in a different light


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When we are mindful we obtain a clearer view of life, opposed to a viewpoint with preconceived notions that only end up holding us back. Not being mindful is similar to going through life with a veil over our heads that obscures our vision. Mindfulness leads to removing that veil.

7. Respond instead of react


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It helps us see the big picture of most situations, which allows us to put our best foot forward.

8. To use time wisely 10mindfulness4.jpg

9. Better decision making

It allows us to become aware of the effects of the actions that we take. For example, if you share this post it will increase the possibility that more people will become mindful!



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