How I Return to the Present Moment in 4 Steps

There are many ways to step into the present moment no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. Here are 4 steps that I use to return to the present moment that I would like to share in order to help others find a way that works for them.


*Continue to be aware of your breath during points 3 and 4.

This short guide will not work best for everyone but focusing on the breath alone is always a good way to begin to root yourself in the present moment.

Please tell us your way of coming back to the present moment!

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10 Reasons To Try Mindfulness This Summer

SUMMER! The time of year that many of us have been waiting for since the last one ended. Whether you’ve been highly anticipating this summer or you’re absolutely dreading it there is one thing anybody can do to enhance it, which is being mindful. Since we want you to have the best summer possible, and the time to be mindful is always right now, we have put together a list of reasons to try mindfulness this summer.

1. It will help you experience this summer in a way that you probably never have before

You’ve been doing front flips your entire life, now it’s time to do backflips.

2. Some people get their bodies in shape for the summer, so why not get the mind right as well? 

lifting weights

3. Ensures the summer of 2014 will be one to remember

We have all experienced many summers that we have forgotten or we wished we could redo. Don’t let this summer pass you by!

4. It will help you touch nature on a deeper level

Elevating your awareness allows you to experience nature in the purest form possible.

5. Allows true love to become possible but not necessarily with someone romantically


6. You may realize that a sunset is one of the best shows you’ll see all season

(Is that even a sunset?)

7. The sun won’t be the only thing that will spread the light

When you live in the present moment you beam light from the inside out and brighten up our surroundings, just like the sun does.

8. Helps you handle the heat better

Just because your ice cream may melt doesn’t mean you have to. Being mindful helps you have the best state of mind possible when you find yourself in extreme heat.

9. It will make you want to collect moments not things


10. By being present for everyone and everything around it can help others have a better summer too 


Thank you for reading and may you all have a wonderful summer, whether mindfulness is a part of it or not!

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