Why the name BEAM?
The name BEAM was chosen to represent a few different points that are inline with its overall purpose. First off when one meditates and becomes more mindful they beam light on areas of their life and mind that they weren’t aware beforehand. Secondly the name was derived to represent how anyone who adopts mindfulness meditation into their life will feel that they have an overall presence that is beaming from the inside out. To put it simply the more one meditates and is mindful in the life that they lead the more they are going to BEAM.

What is mindfulness? 
In short, it basically means to be consciously aware and present with your experiences and thoughts in a nonjudgmental way.

Why should you care?
Have you ever eaten a whole meal and couldn’t recall actually eating it or perhaps driven for 30 minutes and couldn’t remember any specifics from the drive other than you were in a car on a road? Imagine if you lived your whole life like that! It’s more possible than it seems since life is made up of moments and if you lived the majority of life without being present in the moments then essentially your life may not be as rich as you’d hope it would. Living in the moment through mindfulness is crucial for a number of reasons, which are or will be explained in the blog section of this site. Some of you may already live mindfully but for the ones who do not you may find that you’ve been missing out. What have you been missing out on exactly? Life. It’s happening all around you, all the time, and it’s up to you whether to start living it or keep waiting for it to start.

Why 10 minutes of mindfulness?
Why not 5, 20, 60 minutes of mindfulness instead of 10? Because 10 minutes isn’t going to scare too many people away but is also something anyone who is new to mindfulness meditation will appreciate once the 10 minutes is achieved. It is a solid time to work toward and build up to that will cause noticeable changes in one’s everyday life when practiced daily. Once the time is reached then a choice is to be made whether to stay at 10 or continue pushing themselves with enough of an effort to make it challenging and attainable. We chose 10 minutes as a goal to reach for and a general time to incorporate into anyone’s daily lives. The simple intent to be mindful is enough to make a positive difference in anybody’s life.

What inspired the creation of BEAM?
Plain and simple what inspired the creation of BEAM is that we want people to get good at living and be genuinely happy. To act on our mantra we decided to start this cause, as we like to call it. Here at BEAM mindful living is at our core and meditation is the way to becoming truly mindful. Anyone can be told how to be mindful and how wonderful it is but without taking time out of the day to deliberately practice mindfulness then it most likely will not stick. The purpose of BEAM is to spread awareness on mindfulness meditation and direct individuals to the resources they need in order reap the most from their efforts. Everyone who has ever tried something new has always been introduced to that new interest by somebody or something, whether it was stumbled upon or taught to them in grade school. BEAM strives to be fortunate enough to introduce people to mindfulness meditation with the intent of helping them lead happier lives. Also there is tons of information out about meditation and mindfulness, and it is BEAM’s job to help anyone who wants to live a fuller life get what they need to do so. With that said please spread the love of BEAM and be the person who introduces someone else to mindfulness meditation.