GPS for Your Mind

Just like using a GPS when we are driving or walking helps us use our time to the best of our abilities, at least it’s supposed to, mindfulness enables us to make the most of the minds we have. For one, getting to know our minds through mindfulness is comparable to using a GPS because we can understand how we automatically react to certain situations that may make us anxious, jealous, upset, etc. The way we react to certain situations becomes apparent and we can start responding to them in the best way possible. Also we can then discern what thought patterns and habits we have that we want to let go of.


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For example, imagine being at the grocery store with a friend. When it is time to pay for everything and you don’t know which line to pick your friend chooses a line for you. You agree with her but then you soon realize that it is the slowest line in the store. Some of us may start thinking negative thoughts until our thought process spirals out of control and we end up despising our friend just because they made a suggestion. Luckily you have been practicing mindfulness so you notice that irritation, give it space, and let it pass without allowing it to alter the present moment. You are responding to the situation instead of  letting yourself get hooked by your emotions.

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