8 Mindful Thoughts That Help Us Make the Most of Any Situation

Many of us often find ourselves in situations that we deem as less than ideal at the time that we are involved in them. Sometimes all we need is a shift in our perception in order to make the most of our respective situations. Here are eight reminders to use when we want to motivate ourselves to live the present moment to the fullest.

1. Through full engagement we can gain joy in everyday life.

Source: giphy.com

Source: giphy.com

“We need to be aware that every second of our life is inestimably precious and have the intelligence to decide to make the best use of it for our own good and the good of others.” – Matthieu Ricard

2. Imagine how much better off you’ll be after this activity if you give it your full attention now. 

You can do it!

“Look at the situation you are in and immediately, without delay, arouse fervent devotion.” – Tennyi Lingpa

3. Use everything in life as a learning experience. 

4. Drop any notion of how you think conditions should be and surrender to the current situation at hand. 

(go with the flow instead of fighting the waves)

“Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.” – Eckhart Tolle

5. Life is too short to always depend on the future to make it be better. Do your best to make the most out of the present moment and cultivate happiness sooner than later. 

“Transform our way of perceiving things, we transform the quality of our lives.” – Matthieu Ricard

6. Whatever we our doing right now is playing a part in shaping our future and the future of our environment. 

7. People may be depending on us, no matter how small what we are doing may seem. 

8. We should have nothing to regret in life, just lessons learned. 

Ted Hughes quote



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Just Being (or BEAMing) with the Moment

We laugh, eat, work, play, love, and so much more. But the argument can be made that ultimately it is how we spend the moments that make up our lives that matters most. When was the last time you were purely present in the moment? It could have been a fleeting instant of time when you smelled your Starbucks this morning or how you examined a selfie you took as if the image you’re looking at is of an alien. For example, genuinely kiss your love interest! Don’t think about how you’re going to tell them that you can’t stand holding hands in public while kissing them, instead just be, or BEAM, with the moment. Take it one step at a time. How much of your day is spent consciously? How much of it is numbed out by thoughts that only lead to noise and confusion in your mind? The layers of life are going on all around us at every second but it’s up to us to embrace this level of freedom.

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