10 Reasons To Try Mindfulness This Summer

SUMMER! The time of year that many of us have been waiting for since the last one ended. Whether you’ve been highly anticipating this summer or you’re absolutely dreading it there is one thing anybody can do to enhance it, which is being mindful. Since we want you to have the best summer possible, and the time to be mindful is always right now, we have put together a list of reasons to try mindfulness this summer.

1. It will help you experience this summer in a way that you probably never have before

You’ve been doing front flips your entire life, now it’s time to do backflips.

2. Some people get their bodies in shape for the summer, so why not get the mind right as well? 

lifting weights

3. Ensures the summer of 2014 will be one to remember

We have all experienced many summers that we have forgotten or we wished we could redo. Don’t let this summer pass you by!

4. It will help you touch nature on a deeper level

Elevating your awareness allows you to experience nature in the purest form possible.

5. Allows true love to become possible but not necessarily with someone romantically

Source: weheartit.com

6. You may realize that a sunset is one of the best shows you’ll see all season

(Is that even a sunset?)

7. The sun won’t be the only thing that will spread the light

When you live in the present moment you beam light from the inside out and brighten up our surroundings, just like the sun does.

8. Helps you handle the heat better

Just because your ice cream may melt doesn’t mean you have to. Being mindful helps you have the best state of mind possible when you find yourself in extreme heat.

9. It will make you want to collect moments not things


10. By being present for everyone and everything around it can help others have a better summer too 


Thank you for reading and may you all have a wonderful summer, whether mindfulness is a part of it or not!

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10 Everyday Situations That Mindfulness Transforms

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

When our full awareness is applied to everyday occurrences they have the potential to completely transform. It also raises the quality of our actions, ultimately, improving whatever it is that we are doing. Below you will find 10 everyday events that mindfulness may change for the better.

Note: While reading the 10 points you may want to keep in mind how mindfulness would affect you when you are engaged in the following everyday situations.

1. Exercise and Physical Activity

Physical strength has been scientifically proven to be positively affected by mental focus. In fact, just visualizing an exercise routine may make us stronger. Mindfulness mends the mind and body together.

2. School and Work

You may not be able to solve random math problems but you’ll feel like you will be able to!

3. Music

When you have time we highly recommend that you mindfully listen to the track above, or any other song of your choice. Take in each layer of sound and as each new sound gets introduced do your best stay aware of all of them. Notice how the music makes your body and mind feel. Allow the music to be your only concern while it plays.

4. Awkward Moments

Every time an awkward moment happens we can respond in at least two different ways: by getting embarrassed or by finding it amusing. Mindfulness can allow us to switch our perspectives pertaining to awkwardness by causing us to see the big picture of the current situation. Just think of your life as a sitcom! Pretty soon you’ll be welcoming awkward moments to come your way.

5. Eating


Mindfulness heightens our senses, which causes the food that we already find delicious to taste incredible. While eating notice everything about the food in front of you. Pretend every bite is your last.

6. Showering

Simply notice your level of joy the next time you bring your complete awareness to the shower. Not only will you be clean but you will be beaming from head to toe.

7. Driving

How many times have you found yourself in a daze while driving? We all have! Applying mindfulness to driving will not only help keep us from chasing random thoughts but it will also make driving interesting again, much like many of used to view driving when we first got our license.

8. Dating

Dating someone can be a let down for a number of reasons. One reason is because of expectations, which mindfulness causes us to lower and in some cases eliminate.

9. Watching ‘boring’ events take place

Notice everything about the event and beam your full attention on it as though you were the sun.

10. Feeling Happy

When we are fully aware of the joy in our lives we feel it, beam it, and see it all around us. Being aware of our happiness multiplies the joy within us. By the way the GIF above is how we feel when someone reads a post of ours, so thank you!


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