Brushing your Teeth


An easy way to start, end, or just add mindfulness to your day. Remember to not only do this with mindfulness but also with preciseness.

  1. Be present in the space where you are going to brush your teeth.
  2. Notice how your mouth and teeth feel before brushing them.
  3. Grab your toothbrush and observe it. Notice how it looks, all the different colors, how it feels in your hand, even the weight of it.
  4. Take the toothpaste and squeeze it out onto the brush with preciseness. Trust in yourself that you will put the perfect amount on the brush.
  5. Take notice of the smell of the toothpaste, the color, and even how it makes the toothbrush heavier on one side than the other.
  6. When you finally come to brushing your teeth be aware of each and every part that the process involves. Taste the toothpaste, observe the feeling of the toothbrush in your mouth, and be mindful of what you are doing with the brush. Feel your mouth and teeth begin to become cleaner.
  7. Continue to be completely present in the process.
  8. When you are done brushing observe how your mouth and teeth feel. Even notice if you feel any difference in your overall being in general.
  9. Now accompany that clean, beautiful mouth with a BEAMing smile 😉