Have you ever eaten a meal and couldn’t recall anything about that meal, other than the fact that you ate it? Maybe you were completely focused on what you were going to do after you finished the meal. Mindlessly munching instead of giving the process of eating your full attention. Mindful eating may be of interest to you if any of that sounds familiar. Eating mindfully will not only help someone improve their eating habits but also allow them to experience the flavors of their meal more intensely.

  1. When you sit down to eat do a body scan to see where you notice any notions of physical hunger.
  2. Before eating attempt to get a sense of how hungry you actually are, instead of eating until you feel full. Try to discern what you should eat based on what your body needs. For example, has your diet on that particular lacked in protein or healthy fats?
  3. Look at your food and observe it as objectively as possible. Notice the colors, the smell, the way it’s arranged, the detail of the hardware, even the table it is on. Ultimately, be present in the moment.
  4. When eating the food try to slow down and eat at a pace that is slower than usual, as well as, thoroughly chew the food. By simply giving the act of chewing your full attention you may become more mindful.
  5. Be mindful of the complete process of eating. From when you pick the utensil up that you are using to when you put food on the utensil to when you bring it up to your mouth and smell it to its taste and texture and even to the act of swallowing.
  6. Pay attention to the emotions you feel before, during, and after you eat. The mind and body experience multiple sensations while eating.
  7. Most importantly remember to relax and enjoy the food!

NOTE: When first doing this try to just be mindful of one part of the process. For example, a good way to adopt mindful eating into one’s life is to have the intention in mind to become fully present with the flavor of the food. Then once this feels comfortable add another part of the process, for instance the texture.