Here is an easy way to practice mindfulness the next time you are waiting for something to start, for someone to meet you, or anytime you are waiting in general.

  1. Become aware of your surroundings. Is it noisy or quiet? Busy or calm? Basically get a good sense of what is going on around you.
  2. Then bring your attention to your mind and body to get a general sense of what is going on inside of you. Is your body relaxed or tense? Is the mind tranquil or uneasy?
  3. If it is noisy in your external environment you may want to focus on all of the sounds around you. If it is relatively quiet then simply observe your thoughts.
  4. Do not judge the thoughts or sounds you observe. Do not let them steer your mind in any direction. Simply observe them as objectively as possibly. Basically the sounds or thoughts that cross your mind are comparable to cars driving by you. They simply come and go.
  5. At times when there aren’t any thoughts to observe and no sounds to hear simply be aware of that emptiness until a sound or thought comes.
  6. When you are done waiting take on whatever you are going to do with a sense of refreshment and clarity.

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