Welcome to BEAM! Thank you for visiting our site! We are immensely excited to have you. BEAM’s goals are to help people ‘get good at living’ and inspire humanity to be mindful of themselves, and the world they live in. We want individuals to lead a life that permits them to continuously cultivate joy, peace, and overall wellbeing. Spreading awareness on mindfulness meditation is one of our top priorities, so please take advantage of all the resources provided here at BEAM and share them with anybody you think suitable. Just BEAM.

What is BEAM? BEAM’s purpose is to spread awareness on ten minutes of mindfulness meditation as well as guide individuals towards the resources they need to give them the opportunity to enrich their lives, and the world around them. BEAM simply shows people the door to an elevated life but it is up to them if they want to walk through it.

Who is BEAM for? Absolutely anyone! Wanting to be present throughout life and an aspiration to appreciate the world around us is a good start.

Where to begin? This website has been set up to give users what they need to begin practicing meditation for ten minutes a day in a way that is simple and straightforward. The best places to begin exploring the site to get an idea of what meditation is and what it can do for you would be the videos and the mindfulness brief pages. We hope BEAM brings joy into your life and if you have any questions shoot us a message! Thank you.